"We're a one-stop shop when it comes to reticulating water from the town supply to residential properties and farms." 

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About Us

Waterspec Taupo provide in-house expertise on water reticulation, civil & commercial pipe systems, plumbing, drainage and drain-laying to ensure you get the right products for the job.

Rob, Bruce and the team are here to provide solutions for your needs. Whether it's providing advice and product recommendations, or developing customised plans for your specifc needs, Waterspec is your one-stop shop.

We specialise in:

  • -      Water irrigation (sprinklers/ pipe/ fittings/ timers)
  • -      Protanks & cloth (sump management)
  • -      Concrete solutions (risers/ manholes/ adjustment rings/ sumps)
  • -      Water/ Septic tanks
  • -      PVC/ Pressure/ MDPE/ Lateral Pipe and fittings
  • -      Tools
  • -      Cast iron covers and frames
  • -      Pumps - stand-alone and submersible
  • -      Mains pressure water supply (Gibaults/Water meters/RPZ units)


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